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Thank You

Dear Friends of Adams Bench:

Hollywood Hill, December 2007, overcast and quiet, cold and snow. By local standards much snow.

Up early in the quasi-dark shoveling snow, the repetitive scrape of metal on concrete and asphalt echoing in the otherwise silence.

Months and years of dreaming, planning and doing converge on this day, a day which begins cold, snowy and silent, shoveling snow.

What began long ago in French forests and cooperages, Italian villages and manufacturing shops, dusty vineyard heat, has traveled many days and miles to arrive on this cold, snowy day.

St-Nicks.jpgThree vintages in the barrel, the first three, 2005, 2006, 2007. No product bottled.

Our first day open to the public for tasting as a bonded winery.

Something called “St Nick’s Weekend”. Barrel samples only, pre-release sales of wine with names like “Reckoning” and “Vibrance” (“the V”).

All set up in the old barn, barrels full of wine in the background. Will anyone come? Will they like the wine as much as we do? Will we know what to say as we pour?

Snow continues to fall as people dressed for winter with scarves and boots begin trudging toward and through the old barn, tasting and talking and laughing and loving what they taste.

Pour after pour, taste after taste, person after person, more and more tasters trudging toward and through the old barn, talking and laughing and loving the wine and the stories.

Two days of pouring, two days of tastings and stories and cold and snow. Two days of sales.

Two days of nearly two thousand people, of a first vintage nearly sold out, five barrels, 125 cases, “2005 Horse Heaven Hills Red Blend”, pre-release price $30.
Two Days of our earliest customers, first appreciators of our wine, eventually among our first Club members…….we met them (many of you) on those first two cold, snowy, blessed December days.

December, the holiday season, always reminds us where we were, how far we have come, that the greatest gift of this work is our relationship with you.

Thank you.


Tim and Erica Blue
Adams Bench Winery

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