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Friday the 13th

Dear Friends of Adams Bench:

We realize not all of you are Seattle Seahawk football fans, that for you the major planets don’t revolve around the Seahawk schedule, nor does your mental health significantly depend upon the results of Seahawk games.

Some of you, we know, root for a different team, the Denver Broncos for instance, the (swallow hard) New England Patriots, or maybe (pertinent to the Seahawk game this week) the Atlanta Falcons.

Meanwhile, some of you have no interest whatsoever in any team or, for that mseahawks.jpgatter, in football, probably demonstrating a higher level of maturity than the rest of us, refreshingly uncommon in a culture saturated with sports.

That’s alright, we appreciate all of you. Root for whomever you wish, or root for no one and totally ignore the NFL season winding toward a conclusion, now finally at “Divisional Playoff Weekend”……it’s a “Free Country” as they say, (at least for a few more days).

For Seahawk fans, or those with other rooting interests……tomorrow, Saturday, January 14, 1:35 pm Pacific Time, Seahawks v Falcons live from Atlanta, Fox Television, the winner advancing to the National Football Conference Championship game next weekend. The loser, done for the season.

In honor of the game we are closed in the winery.

Experience shows that enough of you, just like us, (lacking the high level of maturity referenced before), will be home, glued to the flat screen doing whatever non-playing humans can to influence the outcome of the game.……basically nothing except cross your fingers and pray, yell, scream, perseverate, second guess (the playing, the coaching and most of all the officiating) and then pray some more.

We will be open for tasting again next Saturday, January 21, noon-4pm. Enjoy the weekend.

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