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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Dear Friends of Adams Bench

We’ll be open in the winery for tasting this Labor Day weekend, Saturday, noon-4pm, on the cusp of harvest 2016.

Winery work this past week:

Aside from trips to the vineyards, we cleaned our picking bins, uploaded them to our trusted trucking partner “Vintner’s Logistics”, and they are ready to use.

We cleaned our fermentation tanks, now positioned in the barn and ready to receive fruit, along with our destemmer, auger and hoses.

Anticipating our first two picks of the vintage next week, we are feeling good about our preparations and looking forward to Adams Benchharvest number twelve.

Meanwhile, from the “making me smile” department:

Unless you mostly skim these hoping for the occasional reference to wine, (like most otherhoosier-BB.jpg of our 9 or 10 readers), I am sure you’re aware of my upbringing in Indiana, and diehard rooting loyalty for Indiana University sports, especially the men’s basketball team.

Despite this, I want to be clear, there is no way I would ever try to convince anyone, especially young children, that they should have the same allegiances. I just wouldn’t do it, it’s not in me, don’t believe in brain-washing, not even, it simply wouldn’t be right.

For example, you may recall the best sports movie ever, the movie “Hoosiers”, starring Gene Hackman and Barbara Hershey? It’s based on the 1954 Indiana High School Boys Basketball Tournament, and the championship game won by tiny Milan (161 students) over one of the largest high schools in the State, Muncie Central.

Hoosiers.jpgI don’t think I showed that movie to my kids more than several dozen times in their first five years of life. I didn’t want to sway them, thought it wouldn’t be fair to cast my homeland, and its royal sport basketball, in a favorable and glamorized Hollywood light simply because the game has important roots there.

Don’t get the wrong idea just because my son used to recite multiple lines from that movie sitting in the backseat of the car strapped into his car seat when he was less than 4 years old. I couldn’t help that he paid such close attention while watching the show.

And I’ve basically taken the same approach with the dear grandkids, very low key, hardly uttering more than a few words to them in total about Indiana basketball or my home State in all these years.

That’s why I smiled and chuckled earlier this week upon learning that our elementary school age grandson who lives in nearby Redmond recently asked his mother if maybe someday they could take a family vacation to the State of Indiana.

(Sounds kind of like traveling to Heaven or at least Nirvana, right?).
This comes several months after the grandson’s middle school sister announced to her mom she wants to explore attending Indiana University when the time comes. (By the way, I have long called her “Queen of the Universe”, and she refers to me as “Emperor of Indiana”……has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?).
It’s perplexing that with no effort by me to exert influence, the little ones, nonetheless, have pretty much come to a conclusion on their own that the Indiana thing has some significance to it. Totally baffling.

Do you think those candy cane Indiana basketball warm-ups we gave the grandkids last Christmas have anything to do with it?2015-12-25-18-48-08.jpg
Enjoy your holiday weekend.


Tim and Erica Blue
Adams Bench Winery

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