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All you need is love.

Dear Friends of Adams Bench:

Football season and Super Bowl done we find ourselves on the cusp of a “multi-holiday” weekend celebrating political leaders on one hand, love and romance on the other.

President’s Day began as recognition for our first President, George Washington, and his birthday, February 22. Slowly but surely something related to the Hoosier State seeped into the mix. Abraham Lincoln was born this month as well, on February 12.

What’s the connection between Lincoln’s birthday and the fact Indiana beat 4th ranked Iowa in men’s college basketball last evening, 85-78, and finds itself in a 3-way tie for the lead in the Big Ten? There is virtually none, but too much not to mention in this newsletter.


You see, Lincoln was born in Kentucky. He couldn’t help it, that’s where his parents, more importantly his mother, were living at the time. Lincoln’s people had obviously not yet seen the land of milk and honey located just north of them, on the up side of the Ohio River.

But once they saw it, they moved there immediately, as if shot from a cannon. It was 1816, the very year Indiana became a State. Lincoln was 7 years old. He essentially spent his formative years in Hoosier land, learned to read, write and work hard there, lived there until age 21.map1.jpg

And, (the slim connection), were basketball invented about 80 years before it was, I’m pretty sure the strapping 6’4” Lincoln would have played it there, just like everyone else, from the earliest of ages, rim tacked to the nearest tree or barn.

Were the choice mine (in some even stranger than typical reality based TV show) to have dinner or lunch with two Presidents from long ago and far away…….I think I’d pick John Adams (what an incredible man of principle…..plus, his last name has a nice ring to it), and, at the top of the list, honest Abraham Lincoln.

The second of the holidays, “Valentine’s Day”, the modern celebration of love and romance, with history apparently dating to the dark ages, mired in a muck of murkiness and tales of various Catholic “St. Valentines” martyred or otherwise, origins not terribly susceptible to verification, but with no apparent connections to the Big Ten or basketball.

Tomorrow, in the winery, we will celebrate both holidays:
With talk of Lincoln, his Indiana beginnings and basketball; and, (to make that more tolerable), with sips of wine, including release of the 2011 Columbia Valley “Reckoning”, chocolates and (while supply lasts) a long stem rose for each female of drinking age.

Enjoy the weekend, we hope it’s great for you.
Tim and Erica Blue
Adams Bench Winery

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