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Dear Friends of Adams Bench:

The law requires that bonded wineries, along with producers of beer and spirits, provide periodic reports to federal authorities detailing product inventory.

How much wine under the “bond” (or control) of a reporting winery is in barrel? In bottle? Or once in barrel or bottle has now dparted the winery, (purchased by another to be appreciated and enjoyed)?

The purpose, from the standpoint of the authorities (though it’s a complex subject probably rooted in the era of American “Prohibition”): it’s a tax return for the privilege of producing and selling an alcoholic beverage.
counting-inventory.jpgThe task, from the standpoint of most wineries our size (though this is mostly based on personal experience, not on science or polling): dull, slow, tedious, time consuming, humorless.

The kind of job one would prefer to delegate, (permitting the delegator to focus on other important projects……like, for instance, watching “Seinfeld” re-runs).

But sometimes, rarely, the humorless task of inventory, (like certain other jobs at certain times, the best of times, as good as it gets, and if not delegated) can lead to a positive more pleasant result and even a smile.File-Jan-29-3-40-31-PM.jpeg

Thus it was recently when the delegator didn’t delegate, chose to forgo other important projects, and dug deep into the tedium of year-end inventory.

And discovered cases of a somewhat forgotten but much appreciated wine from a special vintage…….a 2007 Columbia Valley red blend, one of four wines we produced in our third commercial vintage, the “Myth”.

The 2007 “Myth” is a unique blend of 50% Merlot (Windy Ridge Vineyard, Horse Heaven Hills), 50% Cabernet Franc (Two Blondes Vineyard, Yakima Valley). We remember tinkering at blending trials with the exact proportions, going back and forth, trialing more of one, less of the other.

The result left me concer2015-11-17-19-01-00.jpgned there was too much an essence of chocolate in this wine……it left Erica concerned the essence of chocolate was not pronounced enough. Sounds perfect, right?

From the moment released at $34 a bottle this lush raspberry-chocolate beauty was a hit, especially with the women-folk.

We sold it down to a library amount, and put it away for aging.

Several weeks ago a frequent and long-time visitor to the winery, with friend from California making her very first visit, spent some time chatting with me on a Saturday.

They told me of enjoying a bottle of our wine with dinner the night before, and I asked what they had opened……the 2007 “Myth” was the answer. They “loved it”, wanted to buy more of it.

So I went looking for our inventory records, and embarked (with supervision) on the year-end inventory. I found our little and somewhat forgotten stash of “Myth” and decided to open and try some for myself……..lovely, really lovely.

Tomorrow, in the tasting room, we will open and pour 2007 “Myth” for you,  perhaps with some chocolates, and will make some available for sale.  We’re looking forward to it.


Warm Wishes,

Tim and Erica Blue
Adams Bench Winery

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Just Rain

Dear Friends of Adams Bench:

Glad to take a break from January racking of our 2015 vintage wines in barrel to let you know we’ll be open in the winery for tasting this Saturday, January 23, noon-4pm. Read more