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December 30th

Dear Friends of Adam Bench:

To those who root for Washington State Cougar football…….so sorry for the debacle earlier this week against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  golden-gopher.jpg
(Golden Gophers? Really? I’m a Big Ten guy from Indiana, but have always wondered what the heck a “Golden Gopher” is? On the other hand, what exactly is a “Hoosier”? Whatever a Hoosier is, at least it’s not a shiny rodent.)

The Holiday Bowl was a sad conclusion for the Cougs to a year which began poorly, involved a lengthy mid-season win streak, followed by losses in the Apple Cup and bowl game. So sorry Coug fans. Well, not about the Apple Cup, but the other stuff.

To our friends who root for Washington Husky football……best of the best to you for an intelligent, focused and energized effort by the local team against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta this Saturday.

pbbryantStamp.jpgTo our Club Members and friends in Georgia, Florida and elsewhere in Southeast Conference (SEC) land, please go easy on our boys.

Alabama appears to be the best college football team in the land on most days, with a long legacy of great football in a region where virtually nothing is more important and involving coaches nicknamed for animals like “Bear”.

We respect Alabama, the tradition, all of it….nonetheless, our squad will do its humble best far from home in a bowl named for a fruit to uphold the dignity of West Coast college football

As a person with well-honed defense mechanisms husky-v-alabama.pngwho played the sport, I’ve been wondering just how big a chip on the shoulder our team must have if it has paid the slightest attention to National media reports proclaiming our guys have no chance.

A pretty big one I suspect.... Go Dawgs.

For visitors to the winery on Saturday, the flat screen over the fireplace will be tuned to the Washington-Alabama game…..come Cougar fans, drown your sorrows; come Husky fans, with hope in your hearts; for those that don’t give a rip, just come.

Our very best wishes to you and yours for a great weekend, a Happy New Year and wonderful beginning to 2017.


Tim and Erica Blue
Adams Bench Winery

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